Your donation helps us generate evidence to inform programs that address health, education and gender issues.

We are a non-profit organization, a Foundation, created and led by women from the Global South as an independent private initiative. With the support of people and organizations who share our purpose, we can have more outreach and be more sustainable.
If you are interested in donating to our Foundation, we ask you to complete the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Remember that by entering your data in the form and/or by communicating with us through our other channels, you will be accepting our personal data management policy (see here) and authorizing us to treat your data responsibly (see authorization here).


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What would my donation be used for?

Few organizations offer funds for the administrative support of foundations such as ours, additionally, national and international funds granted for scientific research are mainly directed to academic institutions, for example, universities. Your contribution would help us fill these gaps in the system to meet our operating costs and to advance our investigations.

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How to donate if you are a natural person (individual) in Colombia or abroad?

If you are a natural person residing in Colombia or abroad, you can donate through a link that we will share with you by email, after completing a verification process on restrictive lists adopted by Colombia.

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How can legal entities registered in Colombia donate?

Donations from legal entities that are not registered on restrictive lists and that share the organizational purpose of our Foundation, will be received by bank transfer. Bank information will be shared via email. This means will be used to guarantee the traceability of the entire donation process, from the sending of the previous form and to the issuance of the donation certificate to receive tax benefits.

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How can legal entities not legally registered in Colombia donate?

Our Foundation does not receive donations from foreign legal entities (eg companies).

Our policies for receiving donations

Our Foundation’s policies do not permit receiv ing donations that come from national or foreign individuals or legal entities that have been linked to legal proceedings related to money laundering and terrorist financing behaviors or that are on restrictive lists adopted by Colombia, such as the Clinton list, as well as institutions or individuals from countries immersed in such restrictive lists. The Foundation reserves the right to accept donations from national or foreign natural or legal persons at its sole discretion. For this reason, before accepting a donation, we verify the origin of the resources of the people who donate to us.

We emphasize that donating to our Foundation does not imply participating in organizational decisions, nor influencing the focus, scope and results of our research. Our operations and research are completely independent of the motivations of the donors. To avoid conflicts of interest, especially in the field of our research, we do not accept funding from organizations with purposes opposed to those of IMEK Research Center in Marketing & Development. This includes, for example, refraining from receiving donations from the tobacco industry, companies in the alcoholic beverage industry, and pharmaceutical companies.

For more information about our policies and how we manage the donations we receive, please write to us at

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Stephanie Aya Pastrana, MSc
Adherent Member


Stephanie is an architect from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali with a master’s degree in Urban Strategies and Design from the University of Edinburgh. She has professional experience in the design and development of architectural projects of different scales, also developing research projects related to the quality of public spaces in Cali (Colombia) and sustainable construction. She currently works as a consultant and full-time professor at the Faculty of Creation and Habitat of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali.