Social Responsibility: Pro Bono Institutional Legal Assistance from the Gómez-Pinzón Firm

As a result of the strategic alliance between the ProBono Foundation and the Gómez-Pinzón law firm, which provides social support and collaborates with non-profit organizations with limited economic resources to access high-quality legal services, IMEK  Research Center in Marketing & Development receives support on legal issues in the areas of intellectual property and corporate matters since 2021.

IMEK presented a formal request of assistance to the ProBono Foundation resulting in a formal call for legal support on their platform, which caught the attention of the renowned law firm Gómez-Pinzón. Since then, we have advanced structurally, especially because since the early stages of our Foundation we wanted to guarantee compliance with Colombian regulations in areas such as: volunteer agreements, trademark records, personal data processing, and corporate governance manual.

The process is still in place with satisfactory results. We greatly appreciate the ProBono Foundation for facilitating the accompaniment of the Gómez-Pinzón firm, and to the team of lawyers from this firm for their service.

The objective of the ProBono Foundation is fulfilled to the extent that a network of members of law firms and lawyers, together with independent lawyers or business legal groups, take on the cases proposed free of charge and voluntarily, if they determine they meet one or several of the following these requirements:

  • They are low-income people
  • Vulnerable sectors or groups
  • Social Organizations
  • Groups or organizations that promote causes of public interest

None of the cases require payment of fees to the lawyers, or obligations to routine expenses throughout the process.

Gómez-Pinzón is a Law Firm that provides consulting services in different areas of the law. “We are convinced that everything we do has a significant impact on society. That is why we are permanently working on initiatives that encourage our collaborators and allies to view access to justice as a universal right; we support and assist local entrepreneurship; we offer comprehensive training for lawyers; and we work on developing policies that guarantee diversity, inclusion and equality in law firms”. (Source:

For more information on the organizations mentioned, visit:

Author: Caicedo, MJ

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